Dareu LM108 Vertical Mouse


-PAN3251 optical sensor with 1000 DPI
-10 million lifespan with symetrical design
-Beautiful seven color cycle
-Ultralight Ultraweave Cable



Vertical operation, naturally fit the palm
The LM108 features an ergonomic vertical design. Let the wrist bend naturally and fit the palm of your hand.
Reduce elbow arm movement, bid farewell to the mouse hand, easy office study!

Skin-friendly surface design, comfortable experience
The LM108 uses a skin-friendly surface design that is non-slip, sweat-resistant, and feels soft and comfortable, giving you a better experience.

Multi-stage DPI adjustment, free to switch
The LM108 uses a 1000/1600 DPI adjustment function to facilitate the use of different environments, one-click switching DPI, and Storage function. After the boot, the default settings are before, and the office games are correct.

Comes with forward and backward buttons for convenient operation
When the LM108 is gripped, the forward and backward buttons for easy operation are designed above the thumb. Whether it is browsing the web or consulting documents, it is convenient and quick to operate, and has strong practicality.

LED indicator strip, full of technology
The LM108 uses a blue LED strip design, the overall appearance of the technology is full of sense, fashion and cool, highlighting your personality.

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Dareu LM108 Vertical Mouse

Dareu LM108 Vertical Mouse

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Black, White

Product Name: LM108 (VIGOR)
Mouse Material: ABS Rubber Finished
CPI / DPI: two segments, 1000/1600 DPI, with memory function
Function keys: Left button, right button, middle button, DPI button, forward button, back button
LED Color: Blue Color
Height – 65.99±0.50mm
Length – 118.88±0.50mm
Width – 68.35±0.50mm
Weight: about 161.3±5g