Tecware Exo Elite


-Ultra Lightweight 69grams
-Pixart 3389 optical sensor with 10000 DPI
-16.8 million Color Lighting
-Adjustable LOD 2-3mm
-Ten Adjustable LED Modes, 2 LED Zones
-Highly flexible Aerocord



Lightweight & Comfortable
Built within a Exoskeletal shell that trims the weight of the mouse and allows more air circulation for cooler palms.

Profesional Grade Sensor
High-Quality Pixart 3389 optical sensor for the ultimate gaming competiton. Changeable DPI sensitivity, six level adjustments from 400 DPI to the maximum of 16000 DPI sensitivity.
Exo Elite is ideal for FPS gamers, provides very accurate tracking for precise aiming and good lift off distance (LOD). The LOD adjustable by pressing the button from 2mm or 3mm (low is better than high for FPS).

Aero Cord
Ultra Lightweight and Highly flexible cord that feels almost non-existent, eliminating cable drag for the smoothest movement.
Defy the laws of aerodynamics.

Gives you the ability to personalize your mouse to fit your needs, Assign Macros and Button Functions, Configure Mouse Parameters & Custom Profiles.

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Weight 1 kg


Black, White

Pixart 3389 Sensor with Maximum 16,000 DPI
Six Level DPI adjustable
Huano Switches (20M Click Lifespan)
Maximum tracking speed 400 IPS
Acceleration 50 G
Number of Buttons 6
LED 16.8 million Color RGB, 2 Zones, 10 Lighting Modes
USB cable, 1.8m Aerocord Braided Cable
Dimensions 128.5mm x 67mm x 38mm
Weight 69g

Package contents
1x Exo Gaming Mouse