Thronmax Expert Shock Mount P2


-Accommodate a wide variety of microphones
-Anti vibration
-Full metal solid body
-Compatible with both USB and EU mic boom arms



Robust and versatile design. The Thronmax Universal Shock Mount can accommodate a wide variety of microphones with its anti-vibration design helping to keep your mic in place and optimise the audio performance of your mic.

The heavy-duty shock mount features a unique hinge design so you can secure and lock your microphone in place whilst in use. The shock mount is optimised for use with Thronmax microphones but it will fit most microphones and boom arms with 5/8-inch and 5/10-inch threads.

Custom designed shock mount with full metal solid body.
Designed for use with Thronmax microphones and a wide variety of other USB and XLR microphones.
Isolates your microphone from noise and vibrations for the best possible sound quality.
New and improved hinge design keeps your mic in place.
Compatible with both USB and EU mic boom arms.

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Tech Spec:
Compatible With:
-Thronmax MDrill One, MDrill One PRO, MDrill Dome, MDrill Dome Plus, MDrill Zero, MDrill Zero Plus,
-MXL Mics 770, MXL Mics 990
-Shure SM58, Shure SM7B
-Blue Spark Blackout SL XLR
-Samson C01, G-Track Pro
-Audio Technica AT2020, AT2020USB
-Blue Yeti, Blue Yeti X, Blue Snowball
-Rode NT USB
-AKG Pro Audio Lyra
-Blue Raspberry
-AVerMedia USB Multipurpose Microphone

Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 4 cm
Weight: 150 grams