Akko Ocean Star 3068 SP Gaming Keyboard


-Stylish Ocean Star Design
-Germany Cherry MX Key Switches
-Side Letter Carved Dye-Sublimation Keycaps
-9 Supplementary Keycaps



About the Akko SP series
SP (Special) is a unique design series of Akko side-printed family. Coupled with the novelty keycap set and our polished color combinations, the SP series highlights its motivation to turn designs alive, and make your life special.

Stylish Ocean Star Design
Inspired by the sea waves, the two blues show the colors of the waves behind the waves pushing the waves in front, while the white as an ornament shows the colors of the sea foam after the waves hit.
Ocean star allow you to hold the sea in your hands.

Cherry Switch
Using the Cherry switch, considered the classic mechanical keyboard switch. Its comfortable feel, stable performance and core technology double its quality.

85% PBT-The Optimezed Combination
AKKO produces PBT keycap with 85% PBT plastic, giving full play to the characteristics of PBT material such as dry and strong resistance to “shine” (oil feeling) with optimized typing comfort.

Synchronized AKKO Macro
Use full key programming chipset, support AKKO Macro full key programming system, support firmware update, can constantly modify and enchance functions, provides longer use life.

Side Letter Carved Design
Different from the common keyborad, 3068 carve all letters on the side of each keys. Easy to recognize when you sit in front of it.

Supplementary Keycaps
Imcluded 9 supplementary keycap, allow you design your own keyboard.

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Switch : Cherry Blue/Cherry Brown
Interface: USB Type C
Macro: Akko Macro V1.0
N-Key Rollover: Supported
Disable Winlock: Supported
Backlit No: backlit/Support Led Mod by users with preserved LED slots

Model: 3068
Dimensions: 312*102*40mm
Weight: Approximately 0.7KG
Material: PBT Material
Profile: OEM
Printing Technology: Dye-Sublimation
Side-Printed: Yes

Package Contents:
1x AKKO keyboard
1x USB-C cable
9x supplementary keycap
1x Keypuller
1x Manual