Elgato 4K60 Pro MK2


-Immaculate 4K60 HDR10 Capture And Passthrough.
-Power Your Workflow With Ultra Low Latency Instant Gameview.
-Enjoy 240Hz Passthrough On Your Dual PC Setup.
-Record Unlimited 4K HDR10 Footage Directly.
-Use Flashback Recording To Save Video Retroactively.

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The Most Stunning Content on The Planet. Period.
A state of the art capture solution that takes production quality to the extreme, 4K60 Pro supports crystal clear 4K resolution at 60 fps, and vibrant HDR10 imaging.

Your Recording Powerhouse.
Dedicated software for maximum performance. Powerful yet easy to use. Meet 4KCU: custom-built to help you get the most out of 4K60 Pro.
HDR10 RECORDING – Capture vivid highlights and deep shadows.
Live Commentary – Add your voice as a separate track for easy post production.
Flashback Recording – Slide back in time to save epic moments retroactively.
Video Library – Organize your archive and locate files in a flash.

Ultra Precise.
Instant Gameview powers your workflow with ultra-low latency technology. Even when pushing an incredible number of pixels, you remain on point and never skip a frame.

Hyper Smooth.
Your dual-PC setup puts you leagues ahead of the competition. Now capture without compromising your gameplay. 1080p at 120 Hz? Easy. 1440p at 144 Hz or 1080p at 240 Hz? Go ahead. 4K60 Pro supports an impressive array of resolution and refresh rate combos.

Super Solid.
Black electrogalvanized-steel casing with sharp geometric edges, slick grilles, prominent port labels and iconic branding. 4K60 Pro features all the hallmarks of legendary Elgato PCIe architecture in a compact form factor that slots seamlessly into your machine.

Superior in Every Way.
You’re a professional. You demand cutting-edge technology that does your content justice. From capturing the highest resolution and dynamic range possible, to working flawlessly with your favorite tools and platforms, 4K60 Pro delivers.

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Elgato HD60 Pro

Elgato HD60 Pro

Video embedding powered by Webilop

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Interface: PCIe x4
Input: HDMI (unencrypted)
Output: HDMI (lag-free pass-through)
Support Resolution: up to 2160p60
HDR 10-Bit: Passthrough and recording
Encoding: HEVC/H.265 HDR. AVC/H.264
Perfect for: PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Twitch, Youtube

Requirement: Windows 10 (64 bit)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10xx (or better)
CPU: 6th generation Intel Core i7-6xxx / AMD Ryzen 7 (or better)
Other: PCIe x1/x4/x8/x16 slot

Package Contents:
1x HD60 Pro
1x High and low profile bracket
1x HDMI cable