Gwolves Skoll SK-L 3360 Red Gaming Mouse


-Pixart PMW3360 Gaming Sensor
-Weight 65g The World’s Lightest Gaming Mouse
-7 Buttons, Matte Coating With Paracord Flexible Cable
-Ergonomic Optimized For Right Handed
-Honeycomb Shell Case
-TTC Golden Dustproof Micro Switch



The G-Wolves Skoll L-3360 mouse with the perfect feel, a variety of different colors, a variety of different paint surfaces, to bring you a wonderful experience. Hati is smaller size and lighter than Skoll mouse. 65 grams with Honeycomb Hole Shell. Sensor: PMW3360, resolution up to 12000cpi, Max. acceleration: 50 G, Max. speed: 250 IPS, Optical Lens: 1:1

It has a flawless sensor, nice clicks, a best-in-business cable, and it’s super light to top it all off.
The G-Wolves Skoll lightweight ambidextrous gaming mouse this could be one of your options.

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Resolution: Selectable resolution up to 12000cpi
Max. acceleration: > 50 G
Max. speed: > 250 IPS
Optical Lens: 1:1
USB data format: 16 bits/axis
Onboard memory: 5 profiles
Button: 7 buttons
RGB: Yes
Coating: Matte
Cable: Paracord

Requirements: Windows 7 or later
Dimension:125mm x 68mm x 42mm
Weight: 65 g mouse only

Package content:
1 * G-Wolves Skoll mouse
1 * Extra paracord Cable
1 * Collectible Box
Extra stickers and Mouse feets
Extra grips
2 * Dustproof TTC Golden Micro Switches