Hotline Games Bungee Management Cable Mouse

Hotline Games

-Same quality and build as but much cheaper!
-Retractable Bungee Spring for easy adjustment
-Simple Cable locking clip



Hotline Mouse Bungee V3 is a solution for inconveniences with the mouse cable such as space constraints or cable entanglement. It manages the cable ensuring that this does not happen and lets gamers adjust the cable length available to make quick and unobstructed movements. The unique adjustable spring design enables the user to choose a comfortable height and its solid design allows convenient mobility without any necessary assembly.
It is equipped with a rubber clip that fits mouse cables of different thicknesses.

Scalable Design
Casethrone mouse cable management takes scalable design, easy to bring when you have to travel for E-sport gaming, get the best feeling on your next round gaming. Convenient and flexible.

More firmly grasp your mouse cable
Three-stage design, more firmly grasp your mouse cable. The top is made of hard silicone, which can better adapt to your mouse cable. It is suitable for universal gaming mouse cable so that your mouse cable is tightly caught by Mouse bungee.

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Guarantees that the cable does not get caught or entangled while moving the mouse
Unique adjustable spring allows users to select a comfortable height
Rubber feet provides stability and a solid grip
Unique design allowing for convenient mobility
Rubber clip compatible with all types of mouse cables