Hotline Games Grip Mouse Anti Slip Tape Steuerung

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Features: This product is made of high quality silica gel, soft and comfortable without falling color, skidproof silica gel, and skidproof particles, greatly increasing the friction coefficient, to ensure that when you manipulate the mouse, you will not make mistakes because of hand skidding.
(healthy, non-toxic, soft, skid resistant, removable glue technology without hurting the mouse).

Variant type mouse:
-Razer Viper Wired/Wireless
-Logitech G102/G304/Gpro Wired
-Logitech G402
-Logitech G502
-Logitech G703/G603/G403
-Logitech Gpro Wireless

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Material: STEUERUNG high quality material (basically odorless)
Thickness: 0.6mm
Quantity: 1Pack(4Pcs)

Package includes:
1Pack x Mouse Anti-slip Side Stickers