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Hotline Games Mousefeet for Logitech G400

Hotline Games

-Hotline Games Product
-Competition & Performance releases
-Proprietary PTFE
–1 Pack 2 Sets
-Consistent Smooth Glide Ensured



We find that after using the cloth mouse pad for a period of time, the surface of the mouse pad will be damaged to varying degrees. The original flat surface will have a large number of wool breaks, which will make the original smooth mouse pad become astringent and difficult to use, and the feel will become erratic.

Hotline games mouse skates is designed for professional gamers. Decrease the friction between the mouse and the mouse pad, improve your game experience.
Hotline games mouse feet made by PTFE Teflon. Ensure the lowest friction and easy to intall, Thick type 0.6mm thinkness for replacing the old mouse feet.

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Mousefeet Type: Logitech MX518 / G400 / G400S
Color: Black
Material: Teflon(PTFE)
Quantity: 2 sets per pack